What payment methods are accepted?

All major credit cards.

How will you know what to buy?

We have a short questionnaire that we send our Clients to “get to know” your Giftee. While most Clients prefer to stay anonymous and not let on that they have help—some Clients prefer to include their Giftee’s in the process. If that’s the case, we will send the questionnaire to your Giftee. Either way, WE GOT YOU! We’re up to speed on all the latest trends and if your Giftee is active on Social Media, they can tag us on items they love and we will keep a list for future gifting opportunities.

Will I know when my gifts ship?

If you select the Shop AF package, we will alert you each time we order a gift and it’s on it’s way. If you select the Wrapped AF package, we will email you when your package has gone out and provide tracking details. We aim to get all gifts in your hands within a few days of your gifting opportunity.

What happens if my Giftee doesn’t like their Gift?

No worries—returns are easy these days and we’re happy to walk them through the process. If an item is returned, we will refund you the cost of the item. We don’t refund any shipping costs. Personalized items are non-refundable.

Is shipping paid for by GiftedAF?

No. While we strive to get free shipping when we order online, that’s never a guarantee. Shipping can be part of your predetermined budget or paid for in addition to your budgeted amount on Gifts. Clients pay for all shipping when selecting the Shop AF and Wrapped AF packages.

Can I change my selected Gifting Opportunities?

Of course! Send us an email if you wish to change the gifting opportunities you selected. But be sure to do so with plenty of time to nail the gift!

Do you handle stockings for Christmas?

We don’t. But we do have an amazing Ideas AF list we can send if you’re interested—see Ideas AF section and select 1 gifting opportunity—stocking.